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"Lost In Time"

2017-08-01 14:41:25 by AbominationAnimation

So I'm basically animating a new film called Lost In Time.

It's about a mad scientist called Dr McCharmin and his best friend Chris Jones, who use a "time machine" to travel through space and time, but something goes wrong and they get sent to a paralell universe where they are wanted criminals. They eventually meet up with the guys who run this new universe, but backstory starts to unravel as they meet the head honcho who wants them dead.

Screenshots and shit. It's been in the making for a few years now and now I'm less lazy and more worky, I have more "time" to do things. ;) 


2015-03-23 13:31:23 by AbominationAnimation


Okay, straight to the point:  Basically, I used to have a newgrounds account called Sparkslasher. I used to waste my time and other people's time by uploading stupid shit that I deemed acceptable for the human eye... I was young, I was stupid and worst of all I thought I was cool. Eugh.

I've been animating for years but I stopped uploading to that account because I wanted to start something new... something fresh. So here I am with a new NG account - so I can upload new animations that are probably acceptable! I recently started a new series that I refer to as Abominations, that have random characters and places all trapped in random situations.

So I thought I'd come back and upload them here since YouTube literally rapes the quality and FPS of everything on their website. Double eugh.

So expect newer shit from me in the future!